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Whenever you are buying or selling Sedona real estate, the services of a professional and knowledgeable real estate company can make for a hassle free and successful experience. That’s what you get with Realty One Group Desert Mountain. We are completely dedicated to ensuring that your real estate transaction is successful.

Our website gives you up to date and comprehensive information on real estate in Sedona. In addition, there are articles containing tips on buying and selling real estate in the area. We are ardent about ensuring that business with us is rewarding.

Sedona’s Beauty
Sedona is situated 120 miles north of Phoenix and is known for its splendor and tranquil setting among the stunning red rocks. The town boasts a spirited downtown area and an exciting arts community. This community has close to 100 art galleries. In addition, there are popular events such as the Arts Festival, the exhilarating Jazz Festival and the city’s annual International Film Festival.

If you favor outdoor adventures, then you will likely enjoy mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and off-roading, to name a few. Each activity will give you the opportunity to enjoy great Sedona views and exciting hikes.

Some of the more popular hikes are Cathedral Rock with its unparalleled views; Broken Arrow, Bell Rock, and Soldier's Pass. Each offers their own challenges and scenic rewards.

More About Us
We are ready to provide you with assistance on every facet of Sedona real estate. Whether you require real estate information, neighborhood specifics, an analysis of the real estate market, or an inventory of local schools and business services available- you can rely on us. We help to make your Sedona real estate search be as simple and beneficial as possible. We know that your time is valuable.

Our website is designed so you can easily filter through your preferences, singling out Sedona real estate you wish to investigate further – everything you need right at your fingertips. Also, take a look at our property photos to see a glimpse of what could be your next home – a comfy creek front cottage or a luxurious red rock view Santa Fe style home.

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